This non-slip, easy-care vinyl contains special inlaid mineral crystal particles in the wear layer for added traction on ramps, stairways, busy walkways and traditional wet areas like hospital bath rooms. Offering a surface with superior anti-slip safety and grip for wheelchairs, trolleys and soles of shoes, Samson is designed to withstand excessive abrasion from heavy traffic.

Total Thickness   1.95mm
Weight   2210g/m2
Width   2m
Roll Length   20Lm
Use Classification   34 – 43 (EN 685) Commercial | Heavy Commercial
Wear Group   T (EN 649)
Wear Resistance   ≤ 2mm3 (EN 660.2))
Slip Resistance   R10 (DIN 51130)
Fire Rating   Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
Static Electrical Propensity   < 2kV (EN 1815)
Dimensional Stability   ≤ 0.4% (EN 434)
Residual Indentation   ≤ 0.10mm (EN 433)
Colourfastness   ≥ 6˚ (EN 20105 – B02)
Chemical Resistance   YES (EN 423))
Antibacterial and Fungicidal Treatment   YES
TVOC After 28 Days   < 100μg/m3 (ISO 16000-6)


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7386 Fynbos
7618 Edelweis
7767 Quagga

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